Satisfying Food on a Sensible Budget


I hope you are ready for some quick, easy and inexpensive meals that will leave you feeling satisfied!

My name is Katie and I am currently a sophomore in college. Being a college student, I know what it means to be on a tight budget. If you are like me, I love being able to eat good food that won’t break the bank.

This past year my roommate and I moved into an apartment and we are loving it! Especially our oven! Now that we have the liberty to cook, bake and choose what we eat and are no longer confined to the dining hall, I’m always looking for ways to make food that doesn’t take up the afternoon  to make and tastes amazing. And so… this blog consists of “satisfying food on a sensible budget.”

After deciding to create this blog, I figured that there had to be others who have had the same idea, and after doing some research, I found that there are! This is not limited to here in the United States, but across the globe! Red Online posted an article that contains several “Best Food on a Budget Blogs” from individuals all over the world who want to be able to eat well and inexpensively.

It is interesting to see that this audience is not targeted to one specific age group or generation. For example, as much as college students and young adults find this concept very valuable, so do busy parents! College Recipes has several blogs on their website that are catered specifically to the average college student. Additionally, there are moms across the country that are looking for ways to feed their family in a ways that is healthy and sensible. Cafe Mom has several articles, tips and advice for mothers at all places in life; one article being about blogs that will help with keeping healthy resolutions.

What is more, is no one has to settle when it comes to food! The Culinary School Guide has a list of 100 blogs that focus on “frugal gourmet”! So, for those wanting something that is a little more delectable while on a budget, it can be done!  

Now, being a girl in college, I am basically addicted to Pinterest. The social media idea behind pinning so that others can find a recipe/do it yourself project/tips for everyday life is genius! In fact, while browsing I found some Budget Friendly Recipes from a woman named Erin who calls herself the “$5 Dinner Mom.” Looking through some of her pins, it is clear to see that the concept of “satisfying food on a sensible budget” is more than possible!

Most of the recipes that I’ll be posting and sharing are ones that I have found work and taste best! So, get your ovens, stove tops and crock pots ready and stay tuned!!


Eat & Sleep Always,



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