Crock-Pot Fix

So, let me guess… it’s going to be a busy week? Same here! And the last thing you want to worry about is what you’re going to make for dinner.

Well, I’ve come to save the day! This is literally one of the easiest meals I’ve ever made, and uses one of my favorite cooking tools… the Crock-Pot!

There are so many easy, effortless Crock-Pot meals, and this, by far, is one of the best! And for those looking for other easy Crock-Pot meals, check out my board on Pinterest. Or, if you’re up to spending a little more time on your Crock-Pot creation, I definitely recommend Food Network, you can never go wrong!

Now, there may be a few individuals who do not own a Crock-Pot, but I guarantee you, it is an investment worth making. And for fellow college students on a tight budget, have no fear! Guess where I bought my Crock-Pot? … At a garage sale! That’s right, I bought my slow cooker for $5 at a garage sale and made sure I cleaned it thoroughly. Definitely one of my best purchases. It works like a dream! And for those who can’t find a good, local garage sale, check out Amazon for some good deals, there are quite a few under $20!

Now, as I was saying, this week I experimented a little with something I found online and it worked wonderfully! Now, to make this meal all you really need is two simple things:

2 lbs of Your Choice of Meat
Marinade Packet (as shown in picture)


And that’s it!

(Now, personally, I’ve only tried chicken, so I would recommend it as it turned out very well.)

So, all that you do is place the raw chicken in the Crock-Pot, then take the seasoning packet and empty it in a separate bowl. Mix the seasoning as instructed on the bag (water, oil and vinegar), and then pour it all over the chicken in the Crock-Pot. Put the lid on, put the Crock-Pot on high for about 4-6 hours, or until the chicken starts to fall apart. Warning: it’s going to smell pretty amazing.

And that’s it! Then you’re free to enjoy as you please. I placed it on top of rice, which was excellent. And, you’ll more than likely have left overs, which is a huge plus! My roommate and I have been making tacos with the rest of the chicken, and it’s been as delicious as when it first came out!

So, there you have it! Hope you enjoy! And if you have any questions or want to share how the recipe worked out for you, feel free to leave a comment!

Eat and Sleep Always,